Thursday, May 3, 2012

Places Postcards

Happy Thursday Readers! I hope that this Friday-Eve is treating you all very well. Things seem to be falling in to place for me left and right which means I actually get a chance or two to breathe and write some really good letters. A handful came in today- mostly letters which is also exciting. I decided to break the remaining postcards from vacation in to two groups: Places and Things.  Today we have the former to show off, four postcards from around the world! Let's get to it shall we?

Jan sends a fun and colorful card my way--a huge Christmas Lights Display in Raleigh, NC. The light display, set up by and in memory of Rich Moore showcases over 1,000 lights and several novelties. Interested? I found out more about them here!

 Jennifer sends a card from Port Orford, Oregon which is home to a fishing fleet that dry docks their boats every night and then lowers them in to the ocean every morning for a full day of fishing!

 Mail friend Andrea drops a line from Staten Island!

 Irina in Constanta, Poland sends a multi-view card, making my second from this Polish city! Thank you! I love it :)

She also sends a Romanian stamp featuring painter Nicolae Grigorescu

That's all for today! I'm off to read and reply to some mail--maybe sign up for some swaps (hmm I haven't hosted one in a while....) and have a relaxing Thursday night. Look for round three (and final round) of vacation mail tomorrow, then I should be back to the regularly scheduled program :D


  1. Hi Randi,

    Wow, It's so great to see all the snail mail on your blog!! I love snail mail. Can I send you a postcard from my hometown? Please email me at:

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Mariza!

    I'd be happy to trade mail with you :) I will e-mail you now! Thanks for reading.