Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick and Postal: Half a Week's Mail!

Happy Happy Thursday (again) Readers! I have been gone for a week and during that time I have gotten so much awesome mail in; postcards from all over the world and letters galore have graced my little PO Box with their presence! BUT, being as technology seems to hate me, my wireless router died and my phone never updates the blog here I am now with the first half of the stash! Less talk more mail, shall we?

JoAnne sends a card from Pismo Beach! Two hours away from her home town, Pismo is her favorite place to surf, eat clam chowder and find off the wall lolly pops....apparently they make some with tequila and a worm in them! :) 

 Up the road in Miami, OK, Mariah sends a card from Dwelling Spaces! Tulsa is home of 90s boy-band 'Hanson' as well as the famous Cains Ballroom....where I am attending a concert tonight! :)

Kathie sends me a little piece of home! The Treasure Ship in Panama City Beach is a 200ft long Spanish galleon replica that houses three enormous restaurants.

Andrea in Tokyo sends me a view of Misaka Pass where you can gain access to Mt. Fuji! Thank you, I love getting cards from Japan :) 

 All the way from Deventer, Netherlands comes a very cute card! Deventer is one of the oldest towns in The Netherlands and is also home to the oldest stone home! Thanks, Maren.

Ms. Rachel Doyle of Swap-bot fame sends me a photo she took when she got her new macro lends! I love these little flowers, even if they are weeds. Who can resist plucking one from the yard and blowing the little puffy seeds everywhere? :D

 A very crafty and wonderful letter from my pal, Dana! Check her out over at Save Snail Mail! She will be at the National Stationery Show this week!

Mikki in Houston sends me some mail love in an adorable little envelope with the matching tape! I still love, love, love these little envies. I'll have to hit her up for her source ;) 
 (and matching jealous)

Ms. Jeni drops a line to let me know that all is well in her neck of the woods. On an adorable little card at that!

 Mail pal Ambrosia catches me up in a  wonderfully long letter :)

 She adds a great stamp and the post office was kind enough to give me the mothers day post mark hahhaah!

 Tatyana in Russia sends me a hand made postcard; a student studying mathematics and design, she also enjoys creating her own art! :) I love it, thank you!!!!!

 Check out these awesome movie slips/advertisments that she was kind enough to throw in for me!

 Salem just loves when letters come from Lucas. She rubs her face on them, chews on them, bats at the pages and then pouts when I try to take it away so that I can read it!

Phew! What a great heap of mail lovin'!! The best part is I have another whole stack to get up for you all! I have been dropping postcards in the mail like crazy and now it's time to get in to "letter reply mode". I'll write back to everyone soon and I promise to not go another week with out updating *prays fervently to the technology gods*. Happy Mailing Folks! :D

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