Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Postcardly Mail!

Happy Happy Friday Readers! I have a great handful of postcards to show off today--most of which are giving me the itch to go back on vacation. I was very happy when I opened my mailbox today because yesterday.....I ....mail! I was heartbroken.

The lack of mail was made up for by one simple fact: We have over 10,000 views and we have had over 100 people look at the page today alone! You all are defiantly helping me kick the Internets butt while supporting the mail service :)

Okay, enough sappy stuff.....let's get to the darn mail, shall we?

Jenn sends me a card from the Melissa Heth Photography collection called "Keep Smiling". This card reminds me off all of the creative suns that they show on the CBS Sunday Morning show! Thank you Jenn :) 

 Maggie spent the weekend going through some of her moms old postcards and came across this gem; fortunately she was kind enough to share it with me. Ladies and Gents, may I present the C.P.R Steemer arriving from Victoria and Seattle, Vancouver BC Canada.

 My first card from Nysa, Poland came today! Thank you to Jagienka for sharing and teaching me that "Pozdrovienie z Polshi" means Welcome to Poland!

 Fen in Samutprakan, Thailand is a high school student and avid postcrosser--oh, and a first on the blog! Check out these colorful and adorable stamps!

 Along with those pretty little stamps come a postcard featuring Mae Hongson's Bua Tong-Sun flowers!

 ColoradoKate knows the way to my heart! A vintage national park card makes its way from The Rocky Mountains. Just one more little push to pack up and head North :) Thanks, Kate!

Wendy sends me an early morning view of The Golden Gate Passage--I was just talking to a friend about a California vacation, I think it's a sign! 

 Olga sends a card from her home town of Poznan. This photo comes from her favorite part of the Old Market Square!

 With some pretty cool stamps along for the ride :D

That's all for me today folks! I am in desperate need of getting some mail out, but tonight I am going to focus on sending postcards and letters to a few causes for children. If anyone knows of any mail causes for kids let me know. Happy Mailing!

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