Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stampin' Out Hunger, Letters and Stamps...oh my?

Happy Happy Saturday Readers!!! I hope that you all are enjoying the first half of your weekend. I have taken to sitting on my couch for the second half of the day, which makes the perfect conditions for writing out mail, sorting mail, and updating on mail!

So many great things came in this week that I have to break it up a bit for you folks! On, that note, I'll stop rambling on and get to it! :)

First me and the kittens (with a little help from Dad) filled up the Stamp Out Hunger bag for the Postal Service Food Drive!

 And then we waited......

....and the Post Man sent us a postcard!!!!!

 Cicero claimed the mail for himself! Of course he was batting it around and lovin' on it..until I brought out the camera. -_-

 Letters come from Dee in Thailand,  Mariza in The Netherlands, and Bonnie in Idaho!

 Check out the cool bookmark and hand made envelope that Dee was kind enough to include! I've already used it in the book I'm reading! I'll write back soon :)

 Mariza's hand made envie, complete with deco tape and a 3D felt sticker managed to make it half way across the world with out a scratch on it. That's some good postal handling if you ask me!

 She also sends a postcard from a local cheese festival with her letter. Yes my friends, I am looking for plane tickets :P hahahah

 Dee's postmark! How cute is this little guy!

 Russian stamps from Postcrosser Vera

 Over in Belarus, Margo decorates her card with these cute little guys!

It's rare that I get a card from Israel but when I do it's always good! Thank you for the awesome stamps, Tanya! I hope you enjoy your trip to the states :)

 Dan sends this adorable barn set from the Ukraine!

 This nifty little guy is also from Dan! Thank you for sending me so many awesome stamps! I love them!

 I even bought myself a new set of stamps for my US letters! I've already gotten one in from mail pal Ambrosia, I wonder what it would take to get the whole set back in replies! It's possible...I have gotten all of the bonsai trees in hahahah

Well folks, that's all for my Saturday update! I've taken all the photos and done all of my registering/filing of the postcards so look for them tomorrow! I hope your enjoying your weekend, remember to write at least one letter for Monday morning!


  1. Yeah!! My letter arrived. :)

    Bye, Mariza

  2. It sure did, and I love it !! :) I will write back very soon!

  3. Hi Randi,

    Here is my new address:

    Mariza Bruna
    Postbus 3088
    1801 GB ALKMAAR
    The Netherlands

    Hope to hear from you soon :)
    Bye, Mariza