Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Foodie Postcard

Happy Happy Friday Readers! I hope that the end of the week has found you happy with an arm full of mail! This postcard made it way to me yesterday from a swapper in New Orleans. I've never had a Beignet but I have to admit they sound pretty good!

I founds a few more "Did You Know" facts about this delicious French Pastry (thanks Wiki)! Let's go!

  • Synonamous with the English "Fritter
  • Some are served with meats, vegetables or fruits inside
  • Declared the Lousiana state donout in 1986
  • Brought to the US from France in the 18th century and became a large part of Creole cooking

Seems like a good way to begin or end a meal, huh? Thanks, Susan for introducing me to a delicious desert.

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