Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who doesnt love an art card?

Happy Happy Thursday Readers! We are increasing in followers and page views everyday, so first off for this warm Summer afternoon I want to give a huge, huge THANK YOU to all of you who stick around, read, comment and most of all send me mail.

I got a huge handful of postcards in this week and all of them are great! Art, photographs, hand made creations, city views and "fact" cards! So many in fact, that there is no way I would be able to list them all in this post and keep you entertained. So, readers, I present to you the first batch of this weeks postal mail: The Cartoon and Drawing Inspired cards. Let's go!

Brittany in California, inspired by my love of furr balls and Halloween, was kind enough to share this Franz Marc painting entitled "Two Cats" (1912).

 A hand made card finds it's way to me from my home state of Florida from Swap friend Donna! I have to admit I am jealous of everyone who gets to soak up the coastal sun and watch the waves roll in!

 Two Toy Story cards came today! First up, everyones favorite T-Rex shows Buzz how to play his favorite video game! The second card shows the concept sketch that Pixar artists put together for the films trailer/logo! Thank you to Rachel all the way over in Australia for sending them both to me!

 Looking for a clue?  Well, Donna in the UK certainly knew how to appeal to my childhood and my love of searches! I was able to find Waldo (right off for once!) as well as a Clock Stricking Tweleve, Four Pairs of Twins, and Three Men with Axes.....good luck!

 This postcard from Audrey absolutley made my day! Vanity Fair is my FAVORITE magazine (yes, yes I do have a subscription) and how perfect is this cover considering that the Olympics are coming up. This painting by Miguel Covarrubias was featured on the magazines cover in Augus of 1932.

 In 1540, Santa Fe was claimed by Conquistador Don Franscisco Vasques de Coronado (say that five times fast!) for the Spanish Crown. In 2012, mail friend Erika was kind enough to send me this artist rendering of the oldest US capital, which also has the highest elevation at 7500 ft!

Such wonderful cards....and so MANY more to go! Im still getting them catalouged and on the computer but I promise to share another set tomorrow! Im off to get some cards together....until tomorrow, Happy Mailing~

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