Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Postcards!

Happy Happy Sunday Readers! I hope today finds you all relaxed and well. I managed to have a lazy Saturday afternoon after working in the morning and an even better night out with my friend Deseray! The best part is, now I have a quiet Sunday afternoon to update you all on the mail haul and to get some mail out! Let's go!

A good bit of Disney love made it's way to me this weekend! This postcard featuring 2004s  "The Incredibles" and is part of the USPS "Mail A Smile" campaign. Thank you to Kris and her (now adult) son who love this movie and decided to share such a neat card with me! 

 Anita (who lived in Orlando just about as long as I did) sends a postcard showing off everyones favorite Disney characters of Walt Disney World, Florida. For those of you who care curious, Disney Land is the park in California.

 Speaking of California and theme parks.....Crystal-Jo sends a card from the infamous Knott's Berry Farm and from her first looped roller coaster! Montezooma's Revenge is one of the most popular rides at the park, propelling riders from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds and hurling them through a seven story loop!

A vintage ad card? The nerd in me is so unbelievably excited! Thank you to Christine for this card. "Light Consumes Coal", a lithograph created by American artist Coles Phillips was used as a poster during World War 1!

 Raellyn & Melissa only have to travel a couple of hours to gaze over this immense bridge and the gorge below. The canyon is protected by the National Park Service and the bridge is the largest single span steel arch bridge in the Western hemisphere!

A mail friend in Mail sends a view of Mount Katahdin from Togue Pond and writes about leaving this natural beauty behind, traveling more than 5 hours to catch a plane to Italy and then realized she left her passport behind! Ironically, this very postcard was printed in Italy! Ha! 

 Alicia in Poland sends an absolutely gorgeous postcard. I love the original artwork as it is but I do have to admit that with a postal theme laid over the top it makes for an extra special find in the mail box :0)

 Vicki in Houston sends some Egyptian history my way. This wooden box in the shape of a Cartouche spells you "Tutankhamun the Ruler of Southern Heliopolis" in hieroglyphs. The work dates back to King Tut's rule in the 18th Dynasty.

That's all for me this afternoon folks. I have a few postcards to get together and as always a letter to write. But in the mean time I have a ton of laundry to wash on top of the laundry I need to put away.....oh well, I will take a fun weekend over a productive one any time :). Happy Mailing!

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