Friday, June 8, 2012

End of the week mail

Happy Happy Friday Readers! I don't even know what kind of week it has been; on one hand work was busy so by the time I finish typing this I will be ready for a nap and on the other hand I can not believe it's already Friday. Where did the week go? The good news is, I have some pretty great mail to share. Let's go, shall we?

Dayao in China sends me a photo taken in a local park this Spring! 

Postcrosser, Natalia sends a lovely spring postcard showing off some wild peonies growing on a mountain slope outside of Tomsk, Russia! 

 Even puppy dogs are getting in on mail act! Carmen in The Netherlands sends a cute little card on a lovely day!

Some wonderful Russian stamps also come my way! 

A swap partner sends me a beautiful postcard from The Garden of the Gods located in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado!

A pen pal letter from Tamara comes in with an array of fantastic (and vintage) stamps!
 She also sent a nice long letter with fancy paper! And you thought she just sent me some epic stamps, didn't you? :D

After holding back the kitty cat who wanted to attack and play with this letter, I finally had a chance to read this little gem from Sara in Texas! Such cute paper, too.  

 Pamela in Virginia sends a nice long letter and with it a ton of great stuff about her state! All kinds of maps, great places to visit, her favorite parks and old photos of the town. I've never been to VA so this was a wonderful surprise and a great way to go on a mini-letter-vacation. Thank you, Pam :)

Phew! That's all for me tonight. I have a little bit of mail to get together this evening and then after that I am going straight to bed!. No, really, I am going to sleep! What can I say I did an awful lot of work today :D Whatever you do, be sure to get something in the mail box--it's our last chance until Monday. Happy Mailing!!!!

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