Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Postcards : Cities and States

Happy Happy Saturday Readers! What better way to hide from the heat than to share some more mail with you and to get some more mail out. If only my mail carrier would come up to the door and get my mail so I didnt actually have to walk out in to the heat. Oh well, a small bit of suffering for a good cause, right!  Let's get to it! :)

Karen sends an upbeat and touristy card showcasing all of the things Maryland has to offer-from beaches to nightlife and nature! Maryland is home to the Baltimore Oriole (state bird) and the Black Eyed Susan (state flower).

Here I am again, extremeley jealous of mail friend Susan and her views of sunny California. Today she sends an early  morning view from Palm Desert, one her her favorite vacation spots!

Tammy in Iowa sends a card from Cedar Rapids to show off the downtown area, the Czech villiage and the Museum of Art. Hundreds of people visit Cedar Rapids every year to visit the authentic European village; lucky for Tammy, her cousin owns a bakery in the area and is willing to pay her in pastry for a helping hand! :)

The Sforzessco Castle in Milan, Italy makes it's debut on the page from Tazzini! Originally constructed in the 14th century, the castle today houses several of the city's museums and art collections.

My second card from Uzbekistan in a week! This card, showing of the gates to Khiva City comes from Aliya.

From Little Miss Blue comes a Century Atlas Map of Europe.

That's all for me this afternoon folks! I really need to get caught up on writing, I'm looking in to a few more sites and pages to share with you all on the blog and I have actually gotten a lot of mail requests on the facebook page! Now if only I didnt have to go to work every day to afford stamps :)

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