Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mail: City Postcards!

Happy Happy Monday Readers! I am proud to report that mail is starting to pick up again in my neck of the woods--and so is the production of letters and postcards on my end. Seems like a lot of you that I have talked too (and whose blogs I have read) have had a slow mail week.

A find bunch of postcards arrived safely in my PO Box this afternoon-along with a few letters. I figured I would ease you all in to the week (and from my lack of updating) by showing off the city scape's first. Get ready--the urge to go on vacation may overwhelm you :D Let's get to some mail, shall we?

Susan sends me a view from Los Angeles. Not only am I dying to visit this city but I got super excited when I noticed the Westlake Theatre in the foreground! 

A sunset shot of Chicago's Navy Pier makes it's way from Rich who was born in The Windy City! The Pier is over 3000 feet long and features a Ferris wheel that is over 150ft high. 

(Rich also send my first "Organ Donation" stamp!)

Seems that something is trying to convince me to head West. Special thanks to mail friend Bev who shows off San Francisco's Bay Bridge. The bridge was opened in 1936 and stretches over 8 miles long connecting SF to the East Bay.

Jack in Taiwan sends a shot of  Dagou's Former British Consulate.

..with a couple of fancy stamps along for the ride!

 My German pen friend Stephanie recently returned from holiday in London to see her Father get married! Not a bad way (or a bad city) to spend some quality family time in! I hope you had fun, I will write back soon :D

Ari in Finland sends me my first multi-view from Tyvaskyla!

Jamie, a fellow Florida native who lives in Michigan and spent some time in NYC for college (say that five times fast...) sends a card of the Empire State Building! This is my first card featuring the famous building AND I guess now you can say it is a vintage card as The Freedom Tower is currently NYC's tallest building :) 

Check out the postmark, the first one I have gotten from Manhattan, She was even kind enough to send me a Florida Gator! 

The last postcard for the evening comes from Natalia  showing off The Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul in St. Petersburg, Russia. Such a pretty photo, Thanks Natalia!

Most of my Russian mail friends seem to enjoy decorating their postcards.....Natalia is no different and I must say this card and it's stamps don't disappoint! :)

Phew! That's it for me tonight I'm afraid. Off to finish a few cards and then take my self to bed. Goodnight all and Happy Mailing!

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