Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Mail: Malaysia!

Happy Happy Monday Readers! I am proud to day that I have survived another hectic bank work day (even starting an hour and a half behind due to some serious property damage) and even found a lovely surprise in my mailbox. I know what your thinking, "you haven't gotten much mail as of late" and you might be right....but as The Missive Maven says "You have to send a letter to get a letter" and I have defiantly been playing catch up. Tons of letters and postcards went out over the weekend (I didn't think to count them...) and a handful will be going out tonight--I've even participated in a good number of swaps in the last week. Anyway.....I can't wait to show you this postal surprise from a reader in  Malaysia......Let's go!

This is how you know I am a Mail Nerd. Check out their version of the customs form below. Way cooler than the carbon copy one that I have to fill out! 

 As well as the beautiful stamps featuring the Green Winged Pigeon and the Bunga Seri Pagi (closely related to the Morning Glory).

 A postcard showing off the many peoples of Malaysia!

 This card is my favorite part. The whole front panel area is made entirely of cloth! I've never gotten a card like this before. I just love it, I don't know how people part with things like this but I am glad one is now mine!

And my last little surprise came in the form of magnets! I love magnets and I am always excited to have one pop up from another country! 

I'd say a pretty good little package for a Monday afternoon.Unfortunately there was no note or information so I am not sure who to thank. If you sent it (or you know who did) let me know so I can properly give thanks and credit! I'm off to write up a few postcards. Until next time, Happy Mailing!

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