Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Postcards!

Happy Happy Friday Readers! I don't know about you all but I am excited for the upcoming 3 day weekend--made all the better by two things...1) I got off of work at 2:30 today and 2) I got a handful of awesome postcards and two pen pal letters! I am almost caught up on all of my letters due back and I only have a few postcards to get out (well that I'm obligated to get out but we all know that before it's over whole box of them will go out!). That gives me 3 whole days to write and to look around town (or perhaps a small road trip....I think yes) for some new postcards! Oh, the excitement :)

I almost died of happiness when I found this card! All the way from Estonia, this furry little red squirrel just made my day. I'm sure my fellow Alpha Gamma Delta's can agree that he might just be the most adorable critter ever. Thank you so much, Ella! I hope that it's warmer in Tallinh today (on the day the card was written the temperature was --20*C)!

 The cool stamps that came along with Ella's card, the little mouse if my favorite.

My friend Regina in Portland sends me a awesome Pacific view of the Ebb Tide. 

 From a Postcrosser in Costa Mesa, CA comes an awesome postcard featuring a street in Beijing China which is known for its antique and curio shops.

 I think my snail mail friends are trying to get me out of Oklahoma and to a beach as soon as possible--and I am completely okay with all of this. Erin sends an aerial view from the Ogunquit Beach in Maine. I don't know about you but this is not how I picture Maine at all!

 For the last time Salem, it is NOT your mail. You can not just sleep on it....I really think she listened this, really....

 A fun --if not way to cold--winter shot comes in from Liele in Amsterdam. As much as a prefer summer, it does look like they are all having a lot of fun :)

I no sooner blog about making my own envelopes (here) and I get one from the wonderful Bev Sykes over at The PenPal Project! Hers are much better than mine I must say! Lucky for me that along with the great envelope, Ms. Sykes sent me an awesome letter as well :D

And my final piece for the day is my letter back from Jeni in Kansas! She always has the best note cards, I'm jealous!

That's all for me tonight! I'm going to get a few things out in the morning and work on my pen pal letters! Happy Friday everyone!

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