Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Stats and a Bit of a Flashback....

Happy Sunday Readers! I admit right off the bat that I haven't checked my PO Box this weekend so I don't have any  mail to report on after Friday afternoon's update. I did a lot of running around yesterday, lurking in all kinds of shops, even an antique row, looking for mail related items (some of which I found, but not nearly as much as I would have thought/liked to find), stationery and postcards. I haven't purchased much of anything lately--heck I've hardly looked--because I have so much that I am trying to use some if it up before I have another box full!

Then I got to thinking (I hear you laughing)....the entire reason that this blog exists and I keep up with it is because of you all! Those of you that read, offer comments and criticism, send me mail, help me out , are the ones that make sure I reply, buy new cards, check out new stamp releases, write and over all keep me going! It's only fair that I let you know how the blog is doing (come on I work at a bank, you had to figure numbers would factor in somewhere before it was over!) and show off the mail that I have gotten since I started all of this last July 3rd! Sound fun? Let's go!

My very first Postcrossing postcard from Ashley in Kalamazoo, Michigan! To date, I have sent 129 cards, received 121 and at the moment I have 11 traveling!

This postcrossing card, from Phylis in Kansas was the first card that came my way tailored to my profile interests and with a message about my blog written on it :)

My first card from Swap-bot! I've completed 189 swaps (186 snail mail), most of which are letter and postcard exchanges!

My first card from Walltype* (photo taken and card created by the user), 166 cards shared, and while I haven't counted I'm all but positive that I have gotten one back for every one that I have sent!

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for --drum roll please!!!!! The stats for MyHappyMailbox!!!!!

All Time Views: 7,328
Last Month Views: 1.294
Yesterday Views: 69
Today's Views: 50
At this very Moment: 14 (US)

Top Countries (in order): US, Germany, Canada, UK, Russia, The Netherlands, Australia, France, Latvia and Malaysia

Finally for today, the mail that I have received due to you good people!

Even that cats are in on the gig!

So, there ya have it! I'd say we are doing pretty well for ourselves in the world of mail and interneting. A thousand thank you's to everyone, whether you mail me some thing to put up on the blog or just stop by, none of this would be happening with out you! I never thought I would even be as popular as I am! Let's keep on giving the letter a come back! Now, I am off to reply to a letter...or five!  xoxo  Randi


  1. WOW! That's awesome! Love your blog and your mail! :)

  2. You know, there's something I've always wondered - and that's about the volume of mail. How and where do you store it all, do you keep archives or records along the way, do you keep it all organised or is it a big pile of cat-tempting paper, as in the photos?

  3. @ Jenny, Thank you, I appreciate the love :)

    @ Lady Demelza, I promise it's not always in such a cat tempting pile--I did that on my own for the photos! Personally, I keep them in large photo storage boxes, a couple of them have tabs in them where I can seperate them by when the item got to me. In the other box i keep them sperate by postcards and letter and in date order. I know other people use photo albums or keep a log. I have never kept a log but thats just me! Also, I recently got my hands on a large photo board where I plan to keep some of the cards I get out and on display. So far it has worked for me, but I welcome ideas! Thank you for asking! xoxo Randi

  4. Love your cats checking out your mail and I always enjoy reading your blog!