Friday, February 24, 2012

Pen Pal Letter and Friends Friday!

Happy Happy Friday Readers! I don't know about you all, but I am so glad that it's Friday! All I want to do is spend some time outside (its a bit chilly but so sunny and bright out) and write some letters!  Lucky for me I have the weekend to do just that and to make it all better, I came home today two two pen pal letters and two postcards from friends back home! It might not be my highest volume mail day I've ever had but it's sure been a good one--especially since one letter came chock full of surprises! Let's show off some mail and get to our weekend!

My first surprise came from St. Paul, Minnesota! What a cool stamp for your address, I haven't even progressed to printed labels yet, hahah!

With that neat address label came some awesome vintage stamps

The inside of my little package from Lou included a great letter, even more vintage stamps and a few photos of my favorite critter, a crafty little squirrel!

An up close of those stamps- a 1975 First Day Issue of Banking and Commerce stamps, issued for the centennial year of the American Bankers Association. Perfect!

The shots of my little friend! Apparently he stole a popover from a nearby restaurant and ran it up his tree :) Thank you so much Lou, I love everything!

More on the letter front from Stephanie in Germany! A nice long pen pal letter with some pretty neat stationery and matching envelopes!

See? These are adorable, I may have to start importing my paper products because I never find things like this!

A couple of postcards made their way, both domestic. First up a delightful, if not tacky, greeting from  my sorority sister, Megan--who is from PA, who I met in FL, who know lives in NY and was visiting CA (whew!)--on her trip to Santa Monica. She did also pick me up a shot-glass from the "End of Route 66"! Thanks, Meg!


And last up is a little bit of Florida sunshine from an old friend!

That's my haul for the day! I already have a stack of postcards that I am sorting out to get to friends and collectors all over the world, and I did manage to pick up some nice paper to write to my pen pals with! Have a great Friday night everyone!


  1. I got your letter today! Best mail day all week

  2. HOORAY!!! I'm glad you liked it :)

  3. i'd like to be one of your pen pal friends :)