Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Afternoon Postcards!

Happy Happy Monday Readers, I am happy today say that this week has already been about a thousand times better than  last week (already, I know!) and I am writing to you from the comfort of my living room, windows open, coffee brewing, cats lazily watching the birds that are landing on the fence and a few great postcards by my side I'm almost tempted to call in to work tomorrow!

After all of the bragging that I did yesterday about our mail mission, I am proud today that I wrote back to four pen pals and got out 8 postcards--and being off work a little early gives me a great opportunity to up date you guys and work on some more mail!

Only a few postcards made their way today but they are all awesome! Let's get to it, shall we?

Christina sends an awesome view of "Low Falls", which plunges 250 feel down the Callasaja Gorge in North Carolina. A bit of Americana makes its way from Tazzini! Thank you ladies :)

 Linda in California sends me my first Giant Sequoia! These trees are the largest living things on Earth- some of which are so large you can actually drive your car through it! I'm feeling a vacation coming on to check these out for myself!

 I always enjoy getting a different card in the mail--so I just love when an art card comes my way! Thank you to Tiffany in Portland for adding a bit of flair to the mail box.

Another score for the art card collection! Thank you to Karen for this painting by Russian artist Bakst. Commissioned in 1911, the painting "Costume of a Young Beotian", from Narcissus is a pencil and water color on paper. :)

and finally for the evening, a postcard that I've had for a couple of days and forgot to post! An awesome view of the mountains in Colorado! I was already counting down the days until my April vacation and now I just want to pack and take off! :)

That's it for me tonight! Off to find something for dinner and get my Tuesday outgoing mail started! Hope all of your mailboxes looked just as good!

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