Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Touch of Tuesday Mail!

Happy Tuesday Readers! I hope that those of you who had a three day weekend enjoyed it; I don't know about anyone else, but work was especially busy for me--a lot of people trying to get to the bank and catch up from the long weekend on top of business as usual. Needless to say I am glad to be home and on my couch with the kittens but boy was I even more excited when I checked my mailbox! I expected maybe one or two items, instead I got a whole hand full of postcards and a couple of pen pal letters. I know the anticipation is killing you, so with out further adieu, today's mail!.....

First up from a postcrosser in Germany showcases "Mainz on the Rhine" and the St. Boniface Marktetplace! An awesome view of Moscow, showing off The Kremlin at night,  comes from Anchuta !

 I never thought it would happen, but I finally landed myself a John Deere postcard! Thank you to Crystal in Iowa for adding to my collection and making me laugh-how cute is this card?  Sticking with the theme, Bonnie of STUFFellaneous sends a vintage photo/card of "Truck Farming"

Rietie in Holland sends a card showing off her home--personally I like the windmill in the background of the middle photo!

 Sophie always sends me great cards from Arizona! This card from Scottsdale showcases "The Bob Parks 5th Avenue Horse Fountain" located in downtown! Susan was kind enough to send me a skyline view of Salt Lake City--yes, that castle looking building is the Mormon Temple! Thank you Ladies!

I must be popular in Germany this week! Andreas sends me a card of the  Trevignon Lighthouse in Brittany!  

A postcosser in Quebec sends a card featuring some of the indigenous people in her area! La Belle province is home to many clans and tribes which are only accessible by airplane--some of them are completely isolated on the shore of the Hudson Bay! 

Some of the cool  stamps that came in the mail today, the top set is from Germany and the second set comes from Russia! I just love these stamps :)

Also in--rather ON the mail today, a couple of pretty neat postmarks that I've never seen before. I wish they did something special where I live in Oklahoma. When I lived in Florida people would send their holiday cards to a town named "Christmas" to have them postmarked there hahah!

And last up for the night, a pen pal letter from Marie! yay!

I also got my credit card bill in today, but that is just a tad less exciting then all of the beautiful cards that came in! I got quite a bit out today--several postcards (swaps and friends) and a few pen pal letters. I have a couple of swaps due and some letters to write back to as always so off I go! Hope your mail was just as good!

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