Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Mail!

Good Evening Readers!

I hope that everyone has had a great start to their week and a very happy Valentine's Day!! Hopefully some good mail made it to everyone mailbox this afternoon. I didn't get anything at all yesterday but a few beautiful postcards and a holiday card did make their way home today. Let's check it out so that you can all get on to your V-Day activities for the night!

First up, the city of Love herself, Paris! Marvin, who is from Portugal spent some time in the city last year with his boyfriend and absolutely fell in love; he says "its the most enormous and beautiful city I've ever seen"!

My first card from Oaxaca, Mexico! The Monte-Alban archaeological site is one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO. A fun "did you know" fact, seven different types of Mole (a Mexican delight) are produce in Oaxaca!

If this card doesn't make you want to drop everything for a vacation, nothing will! A breathtaking shot of sunrise at over the Hearst Castle pool in San Simeon, California.

Elizabeth sends some modern art to brighten up the mailbox. This Folon painting is called "the memory".  I just love this painting--enough that I have actually looked in to buying the print since I've been home. Thank you for the inspiration :)

More in the way of the art world, "The Fields" by Van Gogh, comes from Lizzie who is very happy to have a warm cup of coffee and a kitty cat to cuddle up with during the winter. I cant say I blame you, thanks for the great card!

I think this card from Fawn sums up how I feel about today and the mail haul. Thank you for a very bright and happy postcard!

and oh, so appropriately nestled in to my mailbox this afternoon, was a card from my friend and soror! How perfect (and funny) is this? Glad it came my way---and that I have finally been able to sucker my friends in to snail mailing after a few years :D

Have a great night everyone, and for those of you already out, back from, or staying in from Valentines celebrations, I hope it's great! Now go get some letters out, I know I'm going to!

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