Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's Postcard: Jim Woodring

Happy Happy Wednesday, Readers! I hope the day has gone fantastically and that your week is getting better--just think, it's almost Friday! I got this little gem in my mailbox this afternoon and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. The card makes it's way from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, courtesy of Postcrosser "WhiteHorseSulze".

From artist John Woodring, born in Los Angeles, who suffered as a child from paranoia, hallucinations, apparitions and a slew of other psychological impairments. One of which, he credits with his decision to drop out of school to become an artist,

                    "I had the most significant hallucination of my life in this art history class. I took it as an omen that I should just get the hell out of school and stay out! [Laughs.] This hallucination was so much more interesting than the class — it seemed to have forced its way into the classroom and jumped out of the screen where these slides were being projected in order to tell me that I should be somewhere else. I felt that this image had gone to a lot of work to get into the building and get into that room and wait for the screen to turn blank and then appear at me to honk at me to go. So I did.". Jim Woodring

The card, depicting the artists "Life After Man" work shows it viewer a " transdimensional crossroads as experienced by stateless entities lounging on the veranda. Until the day comes when the computer hands over to us the capacity for secular samadhi, this may be as close as you will get to this particular plaza."

While Woodring's works include, prints, toys, and sketches, he is mostly known in the art world for his comic creations. "Frank", a wordless comic that occasionally appeared in other complilations, would become his best known work and in 1996 would become its own publication.  He's even worked as a freelance writer for the comic book publisher, Dark Horse. Several of Woodring's characters have won awards in the literary and artist communities.

Curious about the artist and his works? You can learn more about Woodring and his dream drawings by going to his website,

and it came with a first for my stamp collection, too!

I hope you all enjoyed it! I know that I will be very excited to come across a few more of this artists' works! Happy Mailing!

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