Thursday, February 2, 2012

Handful of Postcards!

Well hello there Thursday evening readers! I hope you are all excited for it to finally be Friday--normally I would be but I have to work on Saturday (boo). A handful of awesome postcards made their way to my mailbox this afternoon and the good news is that A) I sent my fair share today and B) I have a few ready to go out tomorrow as well! Lets get to it.

Elsbeth sends a card from Gelderland province. Located in the central east, Gelderland is  the largest province in the Netherlands! The blue, yellow and black flag is that of Gelderland and the red, white, and blue flag depicted is that of the Netherlands.
Tiffani sends an art deco ice gun that was produced by the Opco Company (Los Angeles, CA) from 1920-1940. Thanks Tiff, you should check out the George R Kravis Collection  at the Philbrook Museum of Art .
Julie sends a multi-view from California!
Katie sends a card showcasing the Manchester Cathedral-which is documented to be the first Christian church in Manchester. Thank you Katie--I never thought I would say this but I am glad I got flaked on so that I could get this card :) Good luck with your classes!
Check out the awesome Clara Barton card! One of the first book reports I ever did in school was about her--in fact, I had a little stuffed yellow cat dressed in a nurses uniform (red cross included) who I would read the book too while she took care of the other animals! hahahahhaha! Thank you Ms. Anderson for the great card and the trip down memory lane!
Kate in Michigan sends a photo of Ferris Wheels during the 1949 Michigan state fair in Detroit. I love the reflected image int he water!!
Thanks to Cindy for the great Baltimore card. This is my first from the harbour view :)

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