Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Mail...Part Two!

Happy Sunday Readers! As promised I have the second half of my weekly mail ready to go! This batch is mostly postcards--by mostly I mean all but one actual card haha! A lot of the cards are firsts for my collection-both in location and type. It's been a very exciting mail week for the mailbox and so far I have gotten some great feedback on the cards and letters that I sent out!  Let's show off some mail, shall we?
My first card from Brazil makes its way from Mariana. This beautiful coastal view from Rio de Janero shows off a view of Ipanema and Leblon-a popular gathering area for locals as well as tourists. In the background the "Dois Irmaos" Mountains.
 Lora sends a "did you know card" about Kentucky and Thinisha (a California native) sends me a card from her new found home in Aiken, SC! Thanks Ladies!
 Valerie teaches me how to say Preserved Duck Egg Congee ( which is rice porridge with preserved duck egg and pork) and Neesa sends a nifty card with vintage bowling bags. Both are a first for the mailbox and while I'm iffy on the porridge, I really like some of those bags!
A multi-view of Cleveland's waterways makes its way from Rebecca, who lives about 20 minutes from downtown!
Ms. Anderson sends a card from Quantico, VA! Just outside of Washington, D.C., Quantico serves as the Development and Education Command for the U.S. Marine Corps.  Weapons and equipment development programs are also conducted here to meet the needs of the USMC's amphibious operations requirements. How cool! Thank you :)

Samantha in Memphis sends a famous and flashy card from a city known for its food, history and more importantly, Elvis! Such a neat card!

One of my good friends from college sends a card from Gap, France where she is currently living and teaching! The top left shot is is actually the street that she lives on! So far she is enjoying the culture and the mild winter. Great to hear from you, Jackie! I'll send you something fun from OK soon! :)

My first Valentine of the season actually comes from another college pal! Thank you, Orlando, for my first bit of  holiday love! I hope yours is great :)

Okay, this may not count as REAL mail as it didn't come from a friend or a loved one or even a postcard enthusiast, but I thought it was to cute to not share! I already liked my dentist but when this adorable little postcard found it's way in to the house, I liked him even more! Thank goodness for the service providers who use a bit of imagination instead of a plain text message or a pre recorded voice mail!

I hope you all liked the mail that came in this week! I certainly enjoyed everything I got to add to my collection and the messages from friends and strangers who will become friends. I've got a few letters to write back to (I'm actually fairly well caught up for once!!!) and a handful of postcards to get ready for Monday morning. Have a great week and Happy Mailing!


  1. i think my favourites are definitely the vintage bowling bags and the did you know postcard (brilliant!)