Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slow Saturday!

Remember how excited I was on Tuesday because I got *SO MUCH* mail? Well, the PO Box Gods have forsaken me as today came with only three postcards (and probably not even that much when you consider that I didn't stop by to check on Friday afternoon). I think they know that I only sent out one domestic postcard today Even so, they are some pretty and neat postcards--and I received another neat postal surprise from Mom this time! Let's get some mail action going!

A (cold) and beautiful multi view of Lviv from Chystyna! Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine and later this year will host a European football championship. Thank you Christyna, I hope to swap with you again soon, great card :) 
A lush and scenic view of Montana makes its way to the mailbox from Shirley and Judee offers up a view of the famous Napa Valley grapes! Thank you ladies!
How cool are these? Civil War Commemorative Stamps from 2005! They are .32c and not self adhesive. My mom had these laying around as she had purchased them for herself but she has sent them my way thinking that I can keep them or use them. I love them! I cant decide if I should hoard them or share them!What do you guys think?
(how funny is it that I just posted a Clara Barton card and now I have her on a stamp?)

Melissa over at Viva Snail Mail! was kind enough to drop me a postal hello--however Salem thinks that it belongs to her....Thanks Melissa, we both enjoyed it :)

Unfortunately I missed the mail drop by my house--so only that one card went out at the Post Office today, but that just gives me the rest of the weekend (minus about 6 hours for the SuperBowl....) to write some letters. Happy Saturday everyone! :)

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