Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Postcard: Turku, Finland

Tuesday might be a slow mail day here in the US but at least it's a good mail day! Only one postcard made its way to the mailbox this afternoon, all the way from Finland! Thank you to postcrosser Brita for the great card and all of the great info! Happy Mailing!

Vähätori Square in Turku is located in a magnificent central place in front of the old main library in the shore milieu of River Aura. Engel proposed already in the town plan of the year 1828 a square-type town space for this location. However, it has never served as a square, but rather as a street. The impressive fountain built in 1924 also remained a somewhat separate feature and had become worn away over the years.
 Vähätori Square has now been restored into a square-like living town space. Cars are still allowed in the square, but must give way to pedestrians and bicycles. Since its refurbishment, Vähätori Square has quickly become one of the most popular meeting places in Turku. The street was paved with cobblestones, the street lights were replaced and the foundation of the fountain was repaired. The top part of the stone wall built due to level differences consists of a 14 m long work of art by artist Saara Ekström; Kertosäe (Refrain).

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