Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday June 29th's Mail Round up

As promised I have pictures and detail on my mail for the rest of this week. :) So since I am already running behind on my updates, lets get started!!

A view of a German Beach and my first card from Wisconsin!

A very very cool camel card that from "A little brown sparrow" in California was saving for the perfect recipient and guest what? It was me!! Also my first card with an armadillo on it from Julie in Texas--who doesn't love these little guys?

The Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts from Connie in New York

A pen pal swap from Lisa in Minnesota

A second pen pal letter from Diane in New York who also sent me some great Halloween stickers (yay!)

Recipes from Suzanne in Georgia--mmmm cinnamon rolls!

and finally for Friday is my "Under your bathroom sink" swap with Flipflopqueen--who must have the LARGEST bathroom sink ever made! :)

This little collection of  mail came from Swap-bot and  Walltype.

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