Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday Mailbox :)

Happy Monday All! Sorry for the late post-I came home and started writing letters (while watching bad reality TV, which always makes the process a little slower...oops).

I got a handful of things in the mail today from Walltype and  Swap-bot and also one card from Send Something.

Two Michigan cards from Sue B!

Florida (yeah!) and Richmond, Va

Two Quote Swaps!

A very pretty card from Annick in France!

And a lovely swap pen-pal letter :)

I had a ton of outgoing mail today. Mostly to states and one to Finland. The foreign card was a private swap on Postcrossing and the rest all went to my partners on Swap-bot. I am going to get Back in to the habit of listing where I send out mail starting tomorrow! And I think I will be making more of a point to let you all know what my letter friends wrote to me about, a few cards/letters that I have gotten referencing my blog have mentioned they would like to see what I'm reading from you all :)

Happy writing, and brace yourself....Tuesdays are slow mail days! 

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