Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's mail!

I got a few goodies in the mail today all three postcards are from Walltype users. I am really liking this site so far, I only signed up on the third and I have already received 5 cards from users and I expect that many more are on their way!

The first card is from user Checkmate in Virginia. She sent me a vintage Florida postcard! I'm from Florida so I was very excited to find this in my box......harvesting celery

Next, we have a postcard from Misty, whose blog can be found at Confessions of a Pen Thief. We both seem to have a love of books and reading (she works as a librarian) so she decided to send me a lovely view of Ralph Waldo Emerson's house in Concord, Massachusetts....

and finally, in my mail box today was this little number..
sent to me by Emily in Menlo Park, California. This is a picture that she took and edited herself! You can make and edit your own postcards the way Ms. Emily did by going to Simply Postcards.

The out going mail for yesterday and today went to quite a few different places:
  • Taiwan
  • Croatia
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Hawaii
  • and Texas!


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