Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesdays are sloooooowww

For those of you who don't know (which I suspect is most of you) I work in the banking industry. That said, Mondays and Fridays are busier than I care to think about when I'm home for the day, Wednesday and Thursdays are a pretty mixed bag of down time and steady flow, and then there is Tuesday. For me, (and everyone I have encountered) Tuesday just crawls by; there aren't as many customers, which leads to less paper work, less e-mails, less phone calls, less to double check, less to have authorized and just an over all sense of nothing to do.

Apparently my mail box felt the same way today. Sent out 5 pieces (3 Swap-bot, 1 Postcrossing and 1 Walltype) and I received two. But, as they say, great things come to those who wait.  Today's incoming mail included a postcard from Walltype user Postmuse AND a handwritten letter from the wonderful Dana over at Save Snail Mail!
Ms. Dana was kind enough to compliment my first attempt at a hand-made card, which you can see by going here (comments and tips very welcome). She also introduced me to a site called Splitcoast Stampers which offers tips, guidance and techniques for those who are feelin' crafty--you can also sign up for their weekly e-mail!

I had several postcards arrive to Walltype users, which makes for a fat and happy e-mail box as well as a postcard to Christian in France who heads up Can you send me a postcard. As usual, any link I include can be found on the left and if you know about something I don't or think I should, please share!

Here is my little PO Box (I wish I had a picture of the ones at my university, they were very cool) and here is to hoping Wednesday is a little more active :D

(Today's outgoing mail went to: The Netherlands, Malaysia, Ohio, Texas and Georgia)

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