Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick! Ill make up for this tomorrow

Well, here we are another Tuesday. The day at the bank dragged, there were almost no customers, no issues, no complaints and only one exciting instance of cashing some foreign checks--but even they weren't that exciting (Canadian checks are easy to negotiate--it's almost the same as cashing and American check).

The same goes for my mail. I got two pieces today. Both from Swap-bot, one came from Julie in West Virginia who sent me a card about the state, and the second came from an unidentified user in North Carolina who sent me a postcard and a key chain!

Pictures to come tomorrow (hopefully with more mail). I had some meetings after hours at the bank today and I haven't had a chance to photograph and write--my Postcrossing cards are finally starting to clear up and I have a prospective pen pal letter to get out.

Bring it on Wednesday! :)

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