Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday = on the lighter side of happy

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that everyone has had a good week! Today's incoming mail wasn't quite as extravagant as yesterday's but a couple of pretty good ones non the less :)

The first arrival for today is a Postcrossing card from a user in China. The photo is of the Zhenhai Building  built on the Xiaopanlong Hillock  during the late Qing dynasty. In more modern times the area the building is in is the Yuexia Park.

And my final postcard for the day is from a Walltype user named Nicole. She lives in Bathurst, Australia . The card is comprised of photos of the Australian Coast Lines.

I forgot to write down where my outgoing mail went to today (oops!) but there were only a few postcards and they all went overseas!

Now, lets all have a great weekend and get that mail out in the morning! Here's hopin' theres some goodies in all of your boxes tomorrow--it is our last chance for the week

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