Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Finds :)

I didn't have a chance to run down to the post office yesterday so any goodies from Saturday are going to be lumped in with Monday (hopefully making my mailbox extra happy!).

So instead I thought I would share the postcard books I came across (and bought) this weekend.  Each one can be found on Amazon by typing "postcard books" in to the search bar.

Still Standing: A Postcard Book of Barn Photographs, by Michael P. Harker

Postcards From Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box, by Penguin Books Staff

Hi Postcard Book, by Ray Fenwick

Wanderlust: 30 Postcards for Insatiable Travelers, by Troy M. Litten

I also got a good number of postcards today while out and about from Drysdales (a lot of Native American and animal scenes as those seem to be popular with my overseas friends).

Saturdays outgoing mail was all to the US: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, California, and North Carolina!


  1. Oh! These are so cool. I am going to buy a box as soon as I get rid of 100 pieces of paper of equal size and value. I am trying to live by the code of "For every piece that comes in, a piece has to go out." I am running out of space. :(

    Thanks for sharing your find.

  2. I'm glad that you liked them! There are a few other boxes I came across that I will probably post up so that everyones interests are appealed too. I understand how you feel about sending out before you buy more---whenever I pick up new paper or cards I just tell myself that I have to have a large number of choices to keep people excited! I'm in denial, I know!! :)

  3. I am SO in love with the Penguin book covers postcards. They are very cool. I'm already halfway through my box and am sure I'll buy another.

  4. I just got mine today! The top card was "The Great Gatsby" and I almost died with joy as that is one of my top 5 favorites. I'm so excited to send them out, no promises that "Gatsby" makes it out of the house though! :X

  5. I think you are an enabler (though it doesn't take much to enable me, with stationery): I was so worried that this would sell out (like my beloved Star Trek postcards recently did) that I just bought another box!

  6. I didn't want to tell you this but it's true. I am secretly in cahoots with the publishers to keep you coming back. BOO for Star Trek postcards being gone! Original or Next Generation?

  7. :( That is just terrible. I am hoping they are just sold out for the moment and not gone for good. That would be a travesty