Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, Wednesday, you never let me down!

I told you all that Tuesday would be slow, but once again (well for the third time a row) Wednesday has made up for it and then some. Today's mail came mostly from Walltype and Swap-bot, but there was also a letter from Ms. Bev over at The Pen Pal Project!!! Let's get to pictures, huh?

A Twilight card from Lady Ambrosia in Indiana

A card from Birgit in Australia who decided to fuel my love of shopping. The quote is German and says " Life is too short to save money"

From Pat who is picking up cards while traveling. This one is the Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum

Evelyn in St.Louis swapped me some very pretty horses :)
And the last postcard of the evening is a Colorado card from Cindi who is in a State card swap with me!

This came from Carol in North Dakota. A pen pal letter swap, she sent me a great letter telling me about the beautiful piece of land that she lives on and she even sent me some recipes that she has tried recently :)
(This is the back of her envelope)

My final piece for the night is my letter from Bev. Not only did she send me a note, but she sent it too me using a trans-continental flight menu as the envelope! The flight was from Hong-Kong to San Francisco. How cool is this?

(this is the outside)
(the menu)

All-in-all I'd say it was a pretty good day for mail :) I'm off to write a letter for one of my swap that has come due--I think I'm going to check out Walltype tonight, I haven't sent a card from there in a few weeks.

Here's to happy mail Thursdays!

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