Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gad Zooks!!!! Great Saturday Mail!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I got a pretty good handful of things in the mail today to share with you all. It defiantly makes up for the slow mail day yesterday :) I have a lot of things that I am working on getting out in the mail (I missed the post office today-not my fault I promise blame work!) so I am busy busy busy! I have several letters to write and a few Swaps that have become active. So let's get to pictures!

First and foremost, my cat again decided to take this opportunity to get in to the picture. Now if he could just work on getting the right END in the shot......

A beautiful card from Australia. These are always great and beautiful views. Who couldn't love a fish called "Sweetlips"

Also a Walltype card--this actually came from Missouri- but her son lives in Florida and her other children snatched up some postcards while on vacations! I was so excited to get a little piece of home in my mailbox today, THANK YOU!
The top card came from Max in Germany via Postcrossing--he is six years old and excited to start school later this year! The second card came from a Walltype user in Greece who saw my sorority (Greek letters) and told me that although Fraternal organizations use the Greek Alphabet there are no such groups in the universities in Greece! Who knew?

These two were assigned to me from Walltype. Who can beat beautiful antique row houses in The Netherlands and a very unique map of Michigan.

This Swap-bot card came from Carol in New Zealand who sent me a wonderful note about her day with her partner and child.

I didn't get much mail out today--I needed to stop by the post office for some more stamps and to send some little packages out and I had to go in to the bank today (which very inconveniently is open during the exact same hours at the bank!)

Off to write some letters/fulfil some swaps. Have a great rest of the weekend folks. Hope you  got some great mail this week. Here's hopin' next is even better!


  1. I love postcards from other places! Especially with nature or native animals. I found this envelope project you could try, it doesn't seem too difficult--its all paper stuff. But I haven't tried it so if its hard don't be mad :)

  2. This looks pretty cool Linday, thanks for the find, I'll add it to the side for other letter lovers to try too :) I promise I will let you know how I do