Sunday, July 10, 2011

Postcard Purchase...a couple of Sunday web finds

Sadly no mail today (remind me to do a future Sunday blog post about mail circulation on Sundays in the US and fact, lets do that soon...)

For those of you who are in to collecting (or sending) vintage cards I have two sites for you to check out
  • Vintage Postcards (dot com)-- the site offers an entire catalogue you can search ranging from Military Action, Magic, Medical, Holidays and more. The cards on this site tend to be on the pricier side, however, this is a perfect resource for the collector.
  • Vintage Postcards (dot org)--offering a similar catalogue to search from carnivals and casinos to firefighting and royalty. Some of the cards will cost you a bit but there is plenty to choose from in the 5-25 dollars (USD) range.
Users wanting to order custom cards that can be designed from an available template OR created using the personal photos of the purchaser might want to check out :
  • Overnight Prints--postcards (as well as other writing/promotional materials) can be purchased in bulk and customized. Perfect for the trader who wants to have their blog/site/email/other info printed on the cards for the recipient or for the individual who likes to send multiple people the same card as it best represents them or their home.
These links (as well as the others I have mentioned in posts) have been added to the side bar for easy access.

Happy Sunday! Here's hopin' we all have full mail boxes in the morning :)

Now that's a lot of mail!
Credit to USPS 

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