Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid-Month Monday Mail (say that 5 times fast!)

Happy Monday Letter Lovers!! (and bloggers, passerbyers, and readers)

I hope that everyone had a relaxing weekend and that Monday wasn't to hard on anybody ( I don't know about you all but the technology at my workplace defiantly knew it was Monday--can we say 5 computer restarts before 11:00 am?)

The good news is there were a few good pieces of mail to brighten my day!

First up is a beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge during dusk

A cute little critter from a postcard pal in Thunderbay, Canada
A ship in a bottle from a young lady in Russia
(This one came from one of my college friends while he was in Colorado)
And I got my first (random) letter from this blog from a new pal in Sweden!

Today's outgoing mail was mostly international send outs
Australia (x's 3)
The UK
and the only one in the USA went to Maine!

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