Saturday, July 9, 2011

Snail Mail from China

 A couple of weeks ago I swapped a postcard on Postcrossing with user YJ1989060 from Beijing, China. She sent me a beautiful card of the sea coast that was actually the winner of a photo competition and made in to a postcard! (Apparently collecting the postcards published from these competitions is quite popular amongst the younger crowd in Beijing.)

We agreed to a private swap and today the goods arrived (for both of us ironically enough)

The envelope and stamps
Each postcard is a winner of a photo/art competition that was published and each one is numbered. The red pocket (Top L) is an item that is used during festivals or holidays and is usually given from adults to children with money inside. Mine had stamps included hahah!
A few more postcards!
She was kind enough to send me some very lovely stamps from China--I need to write her back and tell her how much I love peacocks.
Paper cuts used as window decorations
(This is the postcard she initially sent me on Postcrossing one of 5,000 printed, also from a photo competition in China)

****On a side note, I found out today that Bev over at The PenPal Project  got the card that I sent her and she has actually visited the little town in Oklahoma that I am currently living in*****

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