Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heck yeah, Thursday Mail!

Today was another good day to be my mailbox! I received a wonderful letter from Dana over at Save Snail Mail--we have both sent two letters now, I am super excited to write her back.

  • 4 cards came from Swap-bot--two state cards and two animal cards
  • 3 cards came from Postcrossing--one from Romania and the second a whimsical map
  • and the last 3 cards came from Walltype--one an art rendering, one an image of William & Catherine and the last (but not least) a beautiful view of the Smoky Mountains!
Pictures? But, of course!!!

My pretty Timber wolf from Marie in Minnesota

My map from Mahogany in Georgia and my Smoky Mountains from Denise

Art from Kathie in Rhode Island and Royalty from Yanelis in Florida (extra points!)

My state maps-- From Bonnie in NC and Chandra in LA

My (First!!!) Romanian card from Mihai and my Maine Moose Fact card from Linda

My letter from Dana

All of this wonderful mail and I must confess that I didn't send out a single thing today :( I know I know, I went right to sleep after my post. But tonight I am gathering up 3 swaps and a pen pal letter (two if I write back to Dana tonight!) and I'm going to see if I can get in on Walltype for some card swappin' tonight.

Oh, and I have help again so I am sure I will be A-OK


  1. Love your kitty. Mine wouldn't let me retrieve the mail if I put it on her. She gets quite possessive about anything paper-y

  2. Oh, more cat-mail love from the Feline Postal Brigade. FABULOUS!