Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quiet Wednesday Post

Got a few postcards in the mail today, but to be fair I only sent a few myself. Today's out going went to England, the UK (x's 2), Missouri, Nevada and Virginia.

I sent out two to Swap-bot (3 recipes), 3 to users on Walltype and a letter to Patty over at Just Letter Rip ( who I hope is feeling better after her emergency appendectomy!!!)

One of my postcards today came from Walltype....First up from Pat, a card from Graceland she picked up on vacation-perfect because I have ALWAYS wanted to visit there

Second, we have a very cool and different card from Roxy on Send Something 
and the last arrival for the day is a card from a user on Swap-bot that lives in Oregon, who told me one random thing about herself (Just ran her first 5k!)

Tonight I have a couple of things to work on. I have to send out one postcard and I plan to write a letter to my newly requested penpal in Germany from Letternet and also a letter to a woman in Sweden who reached out when she saw my blog!

(Looks like I will have some help writing tonight...)


  1. I love your little helper. So cuute:)

  2. Thanks Vagirl! I agree he is cute, but so far...not much help :P

  3. Awww, is that your kitty? So cute! What's his name?? He can be an honorary member of the Feline Postal Brigade!

  4. That's my little ball of fur! His name is Cicero after the Roman Emperor who brought Greek philosophy to the empire. Hehe a bit much for a cat, no? and I am sure he would be beyond thrilled to be a member of the Feline Postal Brigade (I'll be sure to mention it to him after his nap ahha)

  5. Oh, how awesome. I've never known a cat named Cicero, but it is a wonderful, noble name for a kitty.

    Feline Postal Brigade

  6. I Love It!! I am sure he does too :)